Vitruvian Protection Services was founded for the specific purposes of providing our customers (both current and future) with unparalleled security, protective and consulting services that allows our customers to do what makes them successful, as well providing them with necessary peace of mind.

At VPS our agents have all undergone rigorous hours of training (far extending the requirements of VADCJS): both field and classroom related…and this happens on a reoccurring basis. In addition, each of our agents are amongst the best and brightest within the industry, maintains the necessary licenses and certifications, as well each knows when to be seen, and when not too.

Finally, all of our team members embrace a single word: T.E.A.M. As it appears (horizontally), the word TEAM is such a simple word, and as defined by Webster: “is a group of individuals (human or non-human) working together to achieve their goal.” However at Vitruvian, we believe that in it’s vertical sense, is where the true meaning exists.

T – ogether

E – veryone

A – chieves

M – ore


To be the leading provider of private security, protection, and consulting services. To ensure this, Vitruvian will not only employ and maintain the highest character and capable individuals, but will also continue to invest in these individuals through our continued training; such training is to include not only the latest in providing high-end security and protective services, but also the necessary people skills for each of our agents to be able to interact with “all” of our clients.

Esprit de corps


To provide highly trained, motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable security and protective professionals to our wide array of clients.


★ Integrity
★ Trust
★ Loyalty
★ Commitment
★ Reliability

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