When do I need security?

Everything is pretty calm, I have a home security system, I have a conceal carry, and heck I even have a security system at the office…but recently an employee who was terminated made some threats. He was drinking one evening, and sent out an email threatening me and my family. He’s just a loud mouth; I guess I shouldn’t take him serious.?.?. Although, he has many guns and talks often about shooting, as even how he knows so many ways to kill a person. So should I take him serious.!.!.

This is a problem, and it is a problem that you need help resolving. All too often situations like this and others escalate out of control, and to the point where someone gets hurt. Put an end to it now! Show this person that you take them at their word!

This is a classic situation whereas a disgruntled employee wanted to take out his frustrations on the person(s) he felt was responsible for his pain. This in many instances involves that employee’s direct supervisor, co-worker(s), the company owner, as even family members. This situation must be dealt with, and it should be dealt with firmly. So where to begin?

  1. Start by filing a police report. Get this situation documented quickly; institute a no trespass order;
  2. Next hire someone licensed and knowledgeable of personal protection and work-place terminations. Securing the office and its employees is paramount. Give your employees peace of mind in knowing that they are safe and secure;
  3. Next you should entertain the idea of hiring a temporary protection detail. Such guys would not only be responsible for providing for your safety and security, but also the safety and security of your family;
  4. Investigate this individual(s). Find out what he’s capable of; maybe even put 24 hour surveillance on him…you need to know as much about this person as you can. Most importantly, you want to make sure that he does not come near you, nor your family, nor your office. If he does, then your team must act.

So now after a month or so, things have settled down. There have been no incidents…neither at your home, nor your office. At this time, you can start to scale back. Consulting with your protection team, and office managers you guys decide the next steps…

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