At Vitruvian Protection Services, our purpose, vision, philosophy, and values forms the ethos of who we are and why we do what we do.

Purpose: To provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing that “We’ve Got You Covered”.

Vision: To be the leading provider of protection, security, and investigative services.

Philosophy: To provide a superior product backed by superior service…all while making it look second nature.

Values: Our values – Integrity, Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, and Reliability guide our relationships with our customers, our partners, as even our colleagues. At Vitruvian, we strive to:

Take Ownership
From the moment you hire us, we own it. Your safety & security is our responsibility.

Embrace Change
Being adaptable and embracing change is what keeps us relevant today, and tomorrow.

Commit to Team Success
We are committed to our team success…Doing so ensures that “We’ve Got You Covered”.

Solution & Action Oriented
We provide thoughtful, deliberate, and purposeful actions towards obtaining solutions.

Communicate Openly
We communicate openly with our clients, so as to ensure that we’ve got all angles covered.

Results Oriented
We deliver the results that our customers desire, and our team won’t stop until we have.
    • Ease to Work With – What’s needed and that’s it. No upselling.
    • One-Stop Shop – All the services you need under one umbrella.
    • Straight Talk – We will always tell it like it is…straight talk. No sugar coating it.
    • Flexible Approach – We are adaptable, scalable as needed or required.

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