A Message From Our Founder…

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.  We at Vitruvian Protection Services sincerely value and appreciate your interest in our company and the services we offer.
Commitment to Excellence
As the founder of Virtruvian Protection Services, I would like to introduce you to my company.  Having been in this industry for as long as I have, I have seen my share of what’s good and what’s not good.  I have also seen my share of what works and what does not work.  It is with this insight that I, along with my partners, decided to create a protection services company to provide protection that is not only good but great; that not only works but excels.
Comprehensive Approach
In thinking of a name, I wanted to convey the core ethos and purpose of the company — to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and ground-breaking approach to protection that excels expectations and imagination.  The company’s name would have to be rememberable and catchy, but, most importantly, something that instantaneously drove home our mission about protection.
Innovative & Multi-Layered Perspective
Being an admirer of the Renaissance era, I was immediately attracted to one of its most influential painters, Leonardo Da Vinci.  While that era had an abundance of amazing painters, Da Vinci was truly unique in his genius and, thus, an inspiration to the ideals I wanted this company to espouse.  Da Vinci was not only a painter but a ground-breaking inventor, architect, engineer; he was an innovator and ahead of his time.  His insatiable curiosity and lifelong inquiry allowed him to ingeniously fuse and connect various disciplines and perspectives to achieve amazing results.  
All of these characteristics are what I know is needed for truly excellent protection services.  We will listen to your needs with genuine curiosity and engage in serious inquiry about how best to provide you with the peace of mind you seek. Furthermore, we will build your unique protection portfolio with the vision of an architect and the strength of an engineer.  We will fuse various disciplines to provide you with unparalleled protection.
Vitruvian: We’ve Got All Angles Covered!
Out of all his great works, what from Da Vinci could I use to symbolize this company?  Immediately, the choice clearly manifested itself … Da Vinci’s famous drawing called the Vitruvian Man.  Immediately, that drawing communicates balance, proportion, and angles focused on the human body.  For our company, it represents 360 degrees of protection centered on our client.  
Researching the Vitruvian Man and understanding its background further cemented that this image was the perfect personification for our company.  Vitruvius himself was a Roman architect, engineer, and artilleryman who served during Caesar’s time.  Vitruvus wrote a ground-breaking treatise on architecture, where he strikingly fused two perspectives – architecture and anatomy – to examine the perfect proportions of the two.  
Vitruvius’ work inspired da Vinci and both inspired me. The circle and square in the drawing represent the connection between macro and micro — a connection for me that is seminal in providing security services. 
Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas
Vitruvius also espoused the idea that all buildings should have three attributes – firmitas, utilitas, venustas or strength, utility, and beauty.  We are committed to building you a personalized protection service that epitomizes these ideals.  Without a doubt, our protection will be strong.  The protection will excel in its utility – ensuring that your are totally protected.  And there will be beauty in the art of our comprehensive and innovative protection.  
Absolute Best
Our goal in creating this company simply put: is to be the absolute best! We want all of our clients to know that “We’ve Got You Covered!”  Our innovative and elevated mindset combined with our commitment to excellence affords us the unparalleled ability to ensure your safety and well-being from all angles.  We are humbled by the trust you place in us –  it is the driving force of our company. 
G.Richard “Rich” Harrison
Managing Partner and Founder

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