At Vitruvian Protection Services, we provide a wide array of services for our customers (current, and future). See below for a listing of such:

  • Executive Protection – we provide highly trained Executive Protection Agents for the protection of corporate executives…be they from large or small corporations. In some cases, such protection teams can consist of one individual, however depending on the threat and the executive’s needs – we can add more.
  • Personal Protection – we provide highly trained Personal Protection Agents for individuals. These agents are often cross-over agents with the Executive Protection Agents. However the distinction we make is that such agents are usually for individuals outside of Corporate America, but who require the same skilled agents.
  • Celebrity Protection – we provide highly trained Celebrity Protection Agents for the celebrity. Such agents are highly skilled with a concentration in dealing with the paparazzi, as well red carpet events.
  • Diplomatic Protection – we provide highly trained Diplomatic Protection Agents for various embassies and dignitaries. These agents are well versed in diplomatic protections, and often speak several languages.
  • Investigations – we employ numerous highly skilled and talented investigators that work both in-house, as well for our clients. Often our investigators are tagged with performing necessary background checks, as well threats on/to our clients, and/or their respective businesses.
  • Security – we employ certified armed and unarmed security personnel for estate and business security needs. These individuals are certified through VADCJS, but have partaken training extending beyond these requirements.

Additional Package Offerings:In addition to the above, Vitruvian is happy to bundle these offerings with your base package.

  • K-9 Protection and Detection
  • Drone Coverage
  • Concierge
  • VPN

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