Robert B.C. Harrison, PPO, CA

Mr. Harrison serves as the Managing Partner/Director for Vitruvian Protection Services – Texas, and is responsible for the record keeping, training and management of our Texas branch. He along with our Managing Partner/CEO are responsible for crafting the direction and vision of our Texas field office. 

Mr. Harrison has 5+ years in the industry having previously worked in sales for a number of private industry companies.  His analytical mindset, discipline, ability to listen, and attention to detail gives him keen insight in to both managing and growing the business, as well listening to and understanding our clients.

Finally, Mr. Harrison is a licensed Personal Protection Officer, and Compliance Agent in the state of Texas, as well is a licensed Personal Protection Specialist in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He is also a graduate of Elite Security & Investigations Personal Protection Specialist Course December 2015.

Phone: 1-866-5COVERED *703

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