If safety and peace of mind is paramount in your work environment, at your function, in your home or at your school and you want low-profile, confidential services, let Vitruvian Detector Dogs deploy a team to help.

At Vitruvian Protection Services, we are proud to offer our clients our Detector Dog Services. We use this service in helping our customers secure businesses, facilities, corporate events, schools, churches, as even motorcades…just to mention a few.

At Vitruvian Protection Services, our team (consisting of K-9 and Handler) have undergone extensive one-on-one training, hold National Certifications equivalent to those of Law Enforcement canines, and routinely partake in on-the-job training over the course of several duty periods prior to being placed in service. Due to the fact that our canines are well socialized, our teams are routinely working and training in environments that include crowds of all sizes and ages, various sports facilities and events, as well numerous resorts and tourist attractions so as to ensure the most reliable Detector Dogs meets the needs of a wide range of clients.

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