At Vitruvian Protection Services, we provide our customers with threat assessment services to help them harden their businesses. This process starts with us talking…talking about your needs and wants, as well your expectations. With that, our team begins the process of designing a package that is all inclusive, and most importantly ensures your safety and peace of mind. Once our team is confident that “We’ve Got You Covered!”, we then come together with the client to discuss and agree to those particulars. 

Bottom line is….we involve you in formulating your organization’s plan.

At Vitruvian Protection Services, our team comes in and does an initial assessment of your business, focusing not only on negatives, but also the positives. We then work with you harden some, if not all, of those items. This ranges from escape paths, fire hazards, security systems and camera, fire detectors, network (LAN and WAN), as even the various applications running within your environments…this as threats can come from anywhere. 

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